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Small Business Sunday Winners Event with Dragons Den Theo Paphitis !

April 1, 2012

On the 7th November 2010 we were lucky enough to be retweeted by Theo Paphitis from Dragons Den!  Each Sunday Theo runs a Small Business Sunday 2.5 hour session where you can tweet him your business and out of all the tweets sent he picks 6 to be retweeted to all his followers.  We were one of the early businesses picked being just number 25!

Our profile on twitter increased because of the retweets and we made some useful contacts at the time too!

Little did we know that this year we would be invited to a SBS Winners Event in Edgbaston, Birmingham.

Friday 30th March came and the one morning we needed the alarm to go off! It didn’t! Quick walk with the 3 dogs to tire them out and back to get showered and changed ready for the trip to Birmingham.

When we got there I was so giddy!  Theo’s car was parked outside the stadium, it was gorgeous! Couldn’t resist getting a photo of us with the car!


The event was powered by Ryman Stationary and they were very efficient at getting everyone tagged up with name badges.  However as we all know each other from Twitter names most of the time networking was spent looking at peoples chests to see who they were!

I lost my husband for a moment at the event as he was admiring the Edgbaston Stadium as he is a massive fan of cricket!

After mingling and chatting to a few businesses, we had a few sandwiches and a celebratory glass of wine from the bar.

We all then made our way to the event room, where there was Theo’s Twitter feed on screen so we all started tweeting him so we could have out name in lights, little cheers kept being done as each business saw their names pop up there.

Kip from Ryman Stationery took to the stage and gave a great introduction to the event.  Then Theo took to the stage and gave a speech on why he had started Small Business Sunday and how he got started in business.

He then introduced MetalFrog a website design company that had been commissioned to create a SBS Website to help showcase the businesses that have been retweeted – which are over 300! (Chris from MetalFrog was one of the Winners!).

It’s a fantastic website, with tips, help, advice and also an exclusive member’s only area for all the Winners – a job well done by all at MetalFrog!

Theo was really down to earth through the whole presentation, I think that shone through, he certainly has a passion for business and is willing to give a helping hand to help others succeed.

Even though Theo got carried away on talking us through the website, taking our questions and then us giving him feedback on some questions, he stayed so everyone could have a photo with him!

It went alphabetically so we had a bit of a wait, but met some nice people whilst we did.

One of the fabulous winners took this fab photo of us.

It came up to our turn for the photo and I was really impressed when he mentioned that he remembered that we were early doors to the retweeting, I seized my opportunity to ask his favourite swimming stroke, I am always curious to find out from people.  His is Breastroke, I did offer free tuition but I am not sure I’ll get an invite to his private pool to do some!

I am still buzzing from Friday as too are many of the other winners – which of course I have now followed on Twitter!  I think the adrenalin from the event will last quite a while!


Comic Relief with Splish Splosh

March 11, 2011

Here at Splish Splosh we are getting more than just a little excited; firstly Comic Relief will soon be upon us, and as a charitable organisation we are keen to do our bit in supporting Comic Relief and the various good causes it benefits.

As a result we have approached all kinds of top athletes to provide us with pieces of kit for us to auction off via our Twitter site (that now boasts 426 followers!). The top athletes providing signed kit include: Rebecca Adlington; Katherine Wyld; Sasha-Faye Matthews; Jessica Sylvester; GB coach, Bill Furniss and not forgetting our ambassador, Kate Haywood.

So if you would like to support us and get yourself a top piece of swimming attire, whilst helping a good cause, then keep an eye on both our Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, although we will update the blog with further information. (Have a look at the images of the signed goodies below!)

The second piece of news that has the office in a buzz is that we will very soon be offering lessons from DW Sports Fitness in Hull. As many of you may remember we began our adventure with Britain’s top health club last year in Trafford, Cambridge, Telford and Middlesbrough (introducing swim clinics with our ambassador Kate Haywood at the Cambridge and Telford sites to great effect).

Due to their popularity we are extending our relationship with DW Sports Fitness and providing lessons from their site in Hull on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s.

If you are in the Hull area and fancy joining the Splish Splosh family, then you can call us on 0844 2641102 or if you are still undecided why not check out our website at to find out more.

Highlights of 2010

December 23, 2010

2010 has been quite a year for Splish Splosh Swimming School, not only have we experienced fantastic growth but we have invested in new projects that have resulted in some pretty fabulous outcomes.

Firstly we knew that we needed to improve our presence online, so we set about creating a website that provided a unique online experience, tailored to the needs of our customers. It may have taken a while to establish it, but we all feel that the wait was well worth it and we are thrilled with the new site.

Continuing a web-based theme we were keen to tip our toes into the exciting world of social media, so we enlisted the help of Cookie PR to help guide us through the process of developing a presence online. Our MD, Vicky Pettitt has taken to Facebook and Twitter wholeheartedly, recently earning Splish Splosh the title of Retweeter of the Year by British Swimming!

It was through our Twitter efforts that we met the Commonwealth champion, Kate Haywood. Back in November we began with swim clinics at our sites at DW Sports Fitness, and are thrilled to say that she is now the Ambassador for Splish Splosh Swimming School and now in Australia reporting back through video blogs exclusively for Splish Splosh with more exciting clinics planned when she returns to the UK.

As mentioned we have located ourselves in DW Sports Fitness after we managed to secure a business deal with the premier health and fitness centres to provide swimming lessons at their rather lovely pools. As we endeavour to provide lessons at only the best facilities we are pleased to say that our students at the numerous locations, including Cambridge and Telford are doing extremely well. Who can forget Vicky’s feature piece in the Oldham Evening Chronicle when we moved to Trafford’s DW Sports Fitness?

What with precious moments caught with parents and their babies in underwater swimming sessions, the introduction of Mr Splosh and Mrs Splish and an exciting venture proposed for next year, 2010 has been pretty hectic!

To find out the latest please feel free to follow us on either Facebook, Twitter or here on WordPress, but don’t forget to tune into Kate’s video blog as she trains in Australia (get your questions over to us for Kate to answer in her next post by emailing:

From all of us her in a rather cold and frosty York, have a very Merry Christmas and thank you for all your support and swimming achievements – well done!

Splish Splosh Swimming School

Well done Team GB

August 16, 2010

As you may be aware, the British swimming team have had their most successful European Championships ever. All of us here at Splish Splosh would like to congratulate them, and if we are lucky enough to have someone read this who knows one of the team (or even a team member themselves!) keep up the good work for the 2012 games!

Last month we mentioned about our exploits on the world’s number one social utility, Facebook. Now we have to say that we are pretty pleased with our Twitter efforts. Not only have we been putting on links to insightful news regarding swimming but also the latest news about Splish Splosh…even  tweeting with a celebrity! So, if you’d like to find out just what a swim-trek is, or fancy sending us a direct message, then follow the link at the end of the blog and join us!

Our business venture with DW Sports Fitness is going from strength to strength, and we are looking forward to seeing Vicky in the Oldham Chronicle, which is doing a feature on our successful MD as she takes Splish Splosh to her home community of Oldham.

We would like to remind all the parents to book your child in for swimming lessons ASAP before the start of the new school year, as places are filling up fast. Apart from that we are all enjoying the sun (when it appears) and celebrating the fact we are now helping over 1500 to stay safe in the water.

Another fantastic partnership!

July 23, 2010

Here at Splish Splosh HQ we have been buzzing ever since we were given the green light about the fact that our swimming school would have a base in some of the most luxurious facilities across the UK.

It was our efforts to work with DW Sports Fitness that secured us exclusivity to provide swimming lessons at the centres in a number of regions, including Cambridge, Middlesbrough and Telford.

Vicky is especially pleased as she will be heading back to the community that she once called home (and still does) with Splish Splish, as another DW site is set to offer the school a base is Trafford in Manchester.

Vicky said: “I’m thrilled to be off to Trafford with Splish Splosh. It is something that I said that I always wanted to do, and now I can. I am sure with the quality of facilities that are provided by DW Sports Fitness our service will remain as consistent as it has done.”

Not only is Splish Splosh celebrating the news, but it will also be using it to help boost its online activity:

Adrian said: “We have embraced social media and with the popularity of Facebook, for example, we would like all our members to join us. We focus on a personal approach and building a community spirit and we would like to encourage that with our Facebook site. So, as we head out across the UK tell us about your progress, we would love to hear about you or your child’s development!”

As we head out with the leaflets, fire out the press releases and of course, post the essential news on the blog, the interest is growing for people to get into the water with Splish Splosh. Be sure to watch this space for more exciting news and pictures of our involvement with DW Sports Fitness.     

If you aren’t already following us on Facebook, click on the Facebook logo above to link to our site and become part of our community.

If you want to check out the beautiful facilities at DW Sport Fitness, click the logo at the top of the posting!