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Countdown to Olympics, Calafornia and Training

June 12, 2012

Sent 23rd May just before Kate flew to America – the next instalment will be here soon !

Here is her latest blog from down under !

Its now less than 70 days till my first race at the Olympic games. I’m getting more and more excited each day!


It so exciting hearing the news about the Olympic touch arriving in the UK. I have been reading the papers and watching on the Internet. Its a shame I’m not in the country to be able to see the torch on its journey around the UK.

Things are going great out here in Australia. Training has been going well. Still working on all the things that I think will make a difference in July to my swims. My starts and turns are the two main things! I have been swimming for over 10 years now and its great that I can still learn new things to help me improve! It’s exciting.

I’m heading to California, America tomorrow with my training group to train and compete for two weeks.  First of all we are racing at the Irvine grand prix. This is where some of the worlds top swimmers train. They have world record holders and Olympics champions. At this meet I will be racing Americas top 2 breastrokers Rebecca Soni and Jessica Hardy. We are then staying to train with them for a few days which will be a great experience. We then head to Santa Clara where we will be competing in a meet there. The American Olympic trials are in a few weeks so I think there will be some fast swimming. Michael Phelps is swimming at the Santa Clara meet, its always great to watch him race, he is awesome. 

Whilst we are in America we should also get some relaxing time. Hopefully some days at the beach when we aren’t at the pool! And maybe a bit of shopping! We are going to see a baseball game whilst we are there, I have never been to one and I don’t really know much about the game but I’m sure it will be a great atmosphere and fun evening out!

When we return from America I have just over 5 weeks till I fly back for the Olympics. Then just over 7 weeks till I race!


New Year, Wild Koala’s, Victoria Championships and Australia Day – Exciting start to the year !

February 9, 2012

This month has been a very busy one, The month flew by and I can’t believe we are already in February!

My family, My mum, dad, brother and his girlfriend arrived on the 30th December just before the New Year. We also had my dads cousin who live in Perth come over for the New Year celebrations too. We brought in the New Year by having an Italian meal down Lygon Street, this is the street that makes me feel like I am in Italy. We then brought in the New Year by watching the fireworks over Melbourne. It was an amazing night and a great way to bring in 2012!

Whilst my family were here we did a lot of sight seeing. Kevin my boyfriend and me turned into tour guides for a couple of weeks!

One weekend we spent it on the Great Ocean road. Basically it’s a long road which runs along the coast of Victoria. It’s absolutely stunning to drive along with amazing views of the ocean.

Whilst we were driving along the great ocean road we were very lucky to see wild koala bears. Its not very common to see them in the wild anymore so it was incredible to the see them in there natural habitat! We got so close to one of them that you could touch it if you wanted to!

I had to make sure that whilst I had my family here I still made all of my training sessions. Even though some days I didn’t get the rest I needed I still gave 100% in all my sessions. As you all know this year is the BIG year for me.

Training is going really well. We have started our next phase of training now. We have done all the specific work now and that is all in the bank. We are now training to swim fast so this means lots of speed work and training at the speed and rates that we want to race at.

I raced at the Victoria swimming State championships. I swam really well. I was really pleased with my swims, the times I did were 1.08.8 for the 100m and a 31.5 for the 50m so quick times for out of season. Looks good for when I rest and taper in a few weeks for the trials.

It was Australia Day last week. This is a bank holiday where they celebrate being Australian! Kevin my boyfriend did an Ocean swim down at the local beach. He won the open 1400m race and then he swam with some of the boys I train with Ashley Delaney, Travis Mahoney, Jeremy Saunders and Michael Klim in a celebrity relay. Michael, He is a legend in the sport. He retired back in 2007 but has come back to try and make the Olympics this year. He is an awesome guy to train with. He helps organise the event with his company MILK. It was a great day and they helped raise money for charity too. Kevin and Me made the local paper too, which was pretty cool!


Kate’s April update

April 27, 2011

This month started off with celebrating my 24th birthday on the 1 April. I got a new bike from my boyfriend, which is awesome – I am now able to bike all over Melbourne! I also got treated to a lovely birthday lunch with friends.

I travelled to Sydney on the 6 April to compete at the Australian world trials. The trials were held at the 2000 Olympic games pool. I just went to race the 50m breaststroke, as I wasn’t allowed to swim the 100m. As I am English I am not allowed to swim the events that they select for worlds. Unfortunately I was still feeling under the weather, with a cold and as a result wasn’t feeling my best although I still raced and swam ok, coming 5th overall and .6 of a second off my personal best time.

My boyfriend joined me in Sydney after the racing had finished and we went sight seeing. I have only ever been to Sydney to race, so it was awesome to go and see the sights. Sydney’s harbour, with the famous Harbour Bridge and the iconic opera house, is stunning!

We went to visit two beautiful beaches: Bondi beach and Manly beach. Bondi beach is famous for its surfing, unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to try it out!

We went to the botanical gardens in the centre of Sydney, and saw lots of really scary looking spiders that I didn’t like! There were also fruit bats; I think I have mentioned this in my blog before about the bats that fly over at dusk everyday here in Melbourne. We were able to see the bats up close; I can see why they are called the flying foxes, as their heads are brown and fury just like a fox!

On the Sunday afternoon we watched a triathlon which was down at the opera house and in the city. Some of Team GB’s best Triathletes were racing, so we supported them. They all did really well. Triathlon looks so hard, Swim, bike then run. Think I’ll stick to just the swim!

Just before I go, let me wish you all a Happy Easter. I hope you all have a great one and the Easter bunny brings you lots of chocolate eggs! I will be missing the English chocolate this Easter!


Kate Haywood returns to the UK (but not for long!)

March 24, 2011

I returned to the UK at the end of Feb. I had that long 24-hour trip back to the UK on my own, which was quite scary! I’m not a massive fan of flying, so I was a bit worried about going all that way on my own.  When I landed in the UK I had my brother and my dad waiting to pick me up. I spent the evening with my family catching up, as I hadn’t seen them since the beginning of December.

The next day I travelled up to Loughborough to start my preparation for the 2011 British World Championship trials, I had just less than a week before I competed. I was feeling slightly jet lagged and a little bit under the weather.

Unfortunately within a couple of days of being back I ended up with a cold and conjunctivitis! I knew that this was the last thing I needed before I had to compete in a few days time.

The trials were up in Manchester this year at the Commonwealth Games 2002 pool – I was only 15 when I competed there at my first Commonwealth Games!

My first race was on the Sunday morning. I was just getting over my cold and feeling ok. I raced the heat of the 100m breaststroke well and qualified first through to the semi finals that evening. In the evening the semi also went well qualifying me first through to the final the next night.

After my semi I didn’t feel to well again. I couldn’t eat my dinner, which for me is very odd! I always eat my dinner! I had a good nights sleep and in the morning headed down to the pool to loosen off. My body felt pretty tired and ached but I just tried to ignore that and carry on concentrating on the final, which I had that evening. Unfortunately things didn’t go to well that evening and I didn’t make the qualifying for the Swimming World Championships! I was very upset, as I know that I am capable of going so much better than I did.

Moving to Australia was to help me improve my swimming for Olympics 2012. I have turned my whole life upside down. I am learning and doing lots of new things in my training. All of this with the combination of being ill is probably why things didn’t work out at the trials. For me next year is the most important thing right now. Not making Swimming World Championships means that I can get an early start on my preparations for next year, and be better than I have ever been. Onwards and upwards is my motto!

I got to spend a week with my family before flying back to Australia. It was great to see everyone and spend some time with them. One of my brothers took the week off work so we got to hang out.  My mum also treated me to a new hairstyle for my birthday, which is actually next week (April fools day!!!).

I also attended a Splish Splosh Swimming School’s swim clinic at The Mount School in York. It was great to see all the Splish Splosh team, and the swim school went great. I did a great questions and answers session with the Splish Splosh students and their parents. I told them all about my swimming career and hopefully inspired them with my achievements. I then showed them my breaststroke swimming in the pool before they all jumped in to swim with me! I did a few races with them and gave them some of my swimming top tips!

I am now back in Melbourne and back training. My training group are preparing for their world trials that start next week. I will be joining them in Sydney at the end of the meet to race the 50m breaststroke, which I am really looking forward to. Going to do some sight seeing whist I’m there too!

Keep updated with Splish Splosh Swimming School on twitter @SplishSpolshSS and via their website

Remember you can follow me on twitter @katehaywood and my website

Highlights of 2010

December 23, 2010

2010 has been quite a year for Splish Splosh Swimming School, not only have we experienced fantastic growth but we have invested in new projects that have resulted in some pretty fabulous outcomes.

Firstly we knew that we needed to improve our presence online, so we set about creating a website that provided a unique online experience, tailored to the needs of our customers. It may have taken a while to establish it, but we all feel that the wait was well worth it and we are thrilled with the new site.

Continuing a web-based theme we were keen to tip our toes into the exciting world of social media, so we enlisted the help of Cookie PR to help guide us through the process of developing a presence online. Our MD, Vicky Pettitt has taken to Facebook and Twitter wholeheartedly, recently earning Splish Splosh the title of Retweeter of the Year by British Swimming!

It was through our Twitter efforts that we met the Commonwealth champion, Kate Haywood. Back in November we began with swim clinics at our sites at DW Sports Fitness, and are thrilled to say that she is now the Ambassador for Splish Splosh Swimming School and now in Australia reporting back through video blogs exclusively for Splish Splosh with more exciting clinics planned when she returns to the UK.

As mentioned we have located ourselves in DW Sports Fitness after we managed to secure a business deal with the premier health and fitness centres to provide swimming lessons at their rather lovely pools. As we endeavour to provide lessons at only the best facilities we are pleased to say that our students at the numerous locations, including Cambridge and Telford are doing extremely well. Who can forget Vicky’s feature piece in the Oldham Evening Chronicle when we moved to Trafford’s DW Sports Fitness?

What with precious moments caught with parents and their babies in underwater swimming sessions, the introduction of Mr Splosh and Mrs Splish and an exciting venture proposed for next year, 2010 has been pretty hectic!

To find out the latest please feel free to follow us on either Facebook, Twitter or here on WordPress, but don’t forget to tune into Kate’s video blog as she trains in Australia (get your questions over to us for Kate to answer in her next post by emailing:

From all of us her in a rather cold and frosty York, have a very Merry Christmas and thank you for all your support and swimming achievements – well done!

Splish Splosh Swimming School

The new face of Splish Splosh Swimming School

November 30, 2010

Here at Splish Splosh HQ it’s safe to say that we are more than just a little excited.

Following some frenzied tweeting activity our social media savvy MD, Vicky Pettitt, secured the assistance of the Olympic champion, Kate Haywood.

As some of you may be aware Splish Splosh Swimming School is about to begin an exciting journey with a rather special individual (not forgetting recent Commonwealth champion!).

We have already ventured to numerous locations where we hold swimming lessons, including DW Sports Fitness clubs in Telford and Cambridge, and held swim clinics with the record holder.

If you check out our Facebook page you can see what a success there were and how much fun all our students had with our new ambassador: in the water, receiving signed autographs and even getting to wear her medals!

Kate is about to head off to Australia in preparation for the Olympics in 2012 and kindly agreed to not only be the ambassador for Splish Splosh, but also keep us up-to-date with her progress via a video diary.

Accompanying the diary will also be a written blog and lots of lovely photos as she works hard to ensure that she repeats her winning performance at the recent Commonwealth Games in the 2012 Olympic Games in London (in Delhi she scooped two bronze and a silver medal!).

So watch out for the first installment of Kate’s journey to Australia on our website through her video update. She will be making an appearance once a month, together with a blog like this giving encouraging advice to all the Splish Splosh students.

Kate will also be joining us on her return to the UK for more swim clinics, but we will announce further details near the time.

If you want to ask Kate a question, then feel free to email us at and we will forward it over to her – you might even get a mention!


Learning with the best!

November 8, 2010

Here at Splish Splosh we have been working hard to secure the help of a top athlete in our efforts to promote the benefits of swimming at the DW Sports Fitness sites that we now operate from.

We are proud to say that following our involvement with our PR guy, not only have we secured a top athlete but we also have two dates arranged where the recent Commonwealth champion will be part of a Q&A session and then taking to the water with three lucky Splish Splosh students!

You are probably all wondering who it is that we have managed to work with, and you need to wait no longer to find out, it is the triple Commonwealth medal winning Kate Haywood.

The Lincolnshire student has been tipped as the next Rebecca Adlington (by her close friend, Rebecca Adlington!). As she has already been touring her home county giving talks to young pupils on swimming, she was more than happy to continue her good work with Splish Splosh.

So, on November 10 at 4pm Kate and a whole host of Splish Splosh staff will be at DW Sports Fitness in Cambridge for Q&A session the foyer, where you’ll have the chance to see her Commonwealth medals and receive a signed autograph!

We will be moving our efforts to Telford on November 13 at 10am where we will be entertaining a host of other new Splish Splosh students.

Check out Twitter for the latest on our involvement with Kate Haywood and expect to see a lovely selection of photos appear on Facebook following the event.

Moving on to the Commonwealth Games – just how well did it go? After all the worrying just before the start of the games our deepest fears were alleviated as our athletes found accommodation and performed amazingly.

The results in the pool were great and it was fantastic to see that India more than doubled their overall medal tally from the 2006 games in Melbourne (from 50-101!).

Here’s to London 2012!

Meet the new faces of Splish Splosh Swimming School!

June 25, 2010

As the website nears completion, Adrian and Vicky took a few moments to inform everyone about the new faces of Splish Swimming School: Mr Splosh and Mrs Splish.

1. We are about to welcome the dynamic duo Mr Splosh and Mrs Splish into the world with the launch of your new website. Where did the inspiration come from to create the two characters?

Adrian: They originated from our own passion for swimming. As we have developed Splish Splosh it has come to our attention that people, especially children, love a familiar face.

Vicky: If you look at numerous successful businesses you can see countless faces that represent the message they are promoting. We want to show that we are a friendly school with teachers that actively participate, allowing people to feel more at ease when deciding to take up swimming.  

2. What do you hope to achieve by introducing characters to the website?

A: We hope they bring personality to the website. They will be the face of Splish Splosh and not just a corporate tool.

V: We care about our customers and hope that the two portray our teacher ethos effectively.

3. Will they be taking a more active role in the future?

A: We will definitely be using Mr Splosh and Mrs Splish to promote the company; whether it is on leaflets or getting them to turn up at locations to work with the children – we can’t wait!

V: They will also be used to offer advice and tips. We are also considering merchandise.

4. How will adults benefit from the talented duo’s presence?

A: We hope that parents will see that we are committed to promoting excellent customer service, ensuring that the needs of their child are considered at all times.

5. If Mr Splosh and Mrs Splish were living in York, where do you think they would be heading off on holiday this year?

V: If you follow us on Twitter you will have no doubt seen the link we recently placed to the largest swimming pool in the world, it’s in Chile and holds over 60 million gallons of water! Now I’m sure that if the two were to go anywhere on holiday, it would be there!

6. Do you think that the pair would be excited about the Olympics?

A: Definitely. With all the fantastic swimming talent that Britain has, it can only get better as we approach the Olympics.

V: With our competitive programme in York, at New Earswick Community Pool, we could find our own Rebecca Adlington!

7. What advice would they give to parents at this moment regarding swimming?

A: To get signed up to Splish Splosh as soon as possible. As the summer holiday approaches so do enquiries and bookings!

V: They would certainly recommend familiarising your child with the water before you go away on holiday; when else will you be able to spend so much time in the water with your child? Take the tips you learn from us and then work on them whilst on holiday then your child will have even more confidence in the water.

Thanks Adrian and Vicky, we can’t wait to see them!

If you want to join Splish Splosh on Twitter follow the link:

If you are interesting in finding out just how big the largest swimming pool in the world is, then check out this link: