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November 12, 2012

My Olympics didn’t quite go the way I had hoped and I didn’t quite achieve my goals so it was a little disappointing. However I did have the best time of my life. It was an awesome experience and I loved every minute of it.

One of the best moments was walking out to my race with 17.500 people shouting for me! It gave me goosebumps and I loved the feeling.

Outside the pool


Being part of team GB at a home Olympics is one of the proudest moments of my career. Being part of London 2012 was spectacular. I have previously raced the Olympics in Beijing, China but that was nothing compared to this games. We were treated like celebrities, everyone went out of their way to help us. A huge thank you goes out to the volunteers who made the games what they were. They were some of the friendliest and some of the most polite people, it was a privilege having them there making the games extra special for us.

I was finished racing after day 2 of the competition so I then became one of the head cheerers for the rest of the competition. It was great watching and supporting the rest of the team. It was also great to be there and see some of the worlds greatest athletes smash world records and win medals. I think Michael Phelps is an inspiration to everyone, that guy is an awesome athlete and has achieved so much, it was great to watch. It was great to see my teammates Rebecca Adlington and Michael Jamison win medals for team GB, always a proud moment to see the British flag being raised. One of the best swims of the meet for me was seeing Cameron Van Der Burgh from South Africa win the men’s 100m Breaststroke. Cameron is a friend and Iv known him a long time and I was so happy for him.

Caitlin McClatchy, Joanne Jackson and Me


After the swimming had finished we stayed in the Olympic village till the closing ceremony. We had just over a week before the closing ceremony so I enjoyed watching some of the other sports and enjoying days out in London. London had such a great buzz about it, it was great to see the excitement outside of the village.

Image Image

Some of us were very lucky to meet some of the royal family in the village. I’m a huge fan of prince William, prince harry and Kate so I loved being able to meet and talk to them. They were all so down to earth and so friendly. Prince William was telling me how he use to swim when he was younger and how he loved the sport. It was an incredible experience.

When I was here for trials in March I did a photo shoot for the Olympic games which was featured in the

national portrait gallery in London. I went to see it and it looked great.

My picture in the gallery

The closing ceremony was amazing. It was so much fun. The best part was definitely the spice girls performing. When I was younger at school we use to always pretend we were the spice girls, I would be posh spice! I never got the opportunity to watch them live when I was younger so this was a childhood dream come true! The whole evening was spectacular and a great ending to the Olympic games.

The Olympic flame


After the ceremony team GB had its own celebrations back in the village which was great. It was the first time that everybody had been together as a team.

On my way to the stadium for the closing ceremony

My room mates Amy Smith, Joanne Jackson, Caitlin McClatchy and Me