With one day to go checkout Kate’s latest blog !

After 4 years of training hard and preparing for a home Olympics it’s finally
here.  I am sat in the athletes Olympic village writing this blog. I have the
Olympic park in my view and I can see most of the great facilities where the
athletes will compete over the next couple of weeks. I arrived in the uk on
the 15th of July. I went straight to London where I was meeting the rest of the
team on the 16th. The first thing I did on my arrival was look at my Olympic
kit. I was gutted that I missed the kitting out day back in June so me and
swimmer Ellen Gandy had our own kitting out day in our hotel room! The kit is
great. It fits and looks great.

We came into the Olympic village for 2 days before we headed to Scotland to do our preparation camp. It was great to come into the village when it opened and get to know where everything is while
the village was quiet. All the athletes from all the different sports and
country’s stay in the village, there is a huge dining hall where you can eat
pretty much anything you like! There are shops, salons and cafes. There is
always stuff going on, it’s a great and exciting atmosphere.
We then headed up to Edinburgh for 6 days where we did our prep camp. We trained at the new
university pool up there which was great, the perfect facility for us to prepare. I spent most of that time recovering from my travels so I didn’t get to see much of Edinburgh. I headed into the city on my day off and it looks like a beautiful city, I would love to go back there one day and explore a bit

We then headed back to the village. It’s completely different to when we were here a week ago. The place is buzzing, there is people everywhere! I keep looking out for famous athletes, So far I have seen Serena Williams, Michael phelps and Andy Murrey. I’m sure I will see plenty more over the next
couple of weeks.

I have 3 more days till I race. The pool is dressed with olympic  banners and it looks great! I’m really looking forward to it, it’s going to be an amazing experience.




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