Kate’s last blog before she flys back for London 2012 !

At the end of May we travelled to America for 2 weeks to train and compete. We few into LA and stayed about 45mins away in a place called Irvine.  We raced at the Speedo Grand Challenge. Rebecca Soni who has just qualified for the USA Olympic team and Jessica Hardy the current world record holder were at this meet racing in the 100m BR.  My swims were solid but unfortunately I missed out on the top 3 and came 4th behind Rebecca, Jess and Sarah Katsoulis my fellow training partner.


Whilst we were in Irvine we trained at lots of different pools. One of the days we went to LA to the University of Southern California where Rebecca and Jess train. It was great training with them and seeing how they train.


We then flew to Santa Clara and raced at the meet there. Usually every year at this meet you get swimmers like Michael Phelps competing but unfortunately because they had their Olympic trials coming up lots of the big USA team members weren’t there. I raced well but again came away with a 4th place.


America was great fun, we got to do lots of shopping and spend some time at the beach. We went for dinner near Hollywood one night and came across the premier for the film Snow White and the Huntsman so we saw some famous actors!

Training has been going really great the last few weeks. I have noticed big improvements in my training times and my starts and turns are starting to improve. I only have another week of really tough training before I start to do my taper!

I’m writing this blog with 2 weeks to go till I fly back to the UK. Only 4 weeks till I race! I’m getting really excited and I can’t wait to get back to the UK! The rest of the swim team got their Olympic kit this weekend. It all looks amazing and I cannot wait to wear mine!

We meet as a team on the 16th of July and go into the Olympic Village for 2 days. We are then heading up to Edinburgh to do our preparations before heading back into the village a few days before the Olympic Games start!

Bedroom in the Olympic Village where we stay during the London 2012 Games!



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