Making the London Olympic 2012 Team !

London Olympic Trials March 2012

I arrived back in the UK on the 20th February to start my preparation. I went straight to Loughborough where I worked with a coach called Matt Bowe. Matt useD to swim and he was on the Great Britain Team but has now retired and is a coach. I was able to do the taper that my coach Rohan gave me to do. My preparation in Loughborough went really well. I was a bit unlucky and ended up catching a cold but luckily it was just a head cold so it didn’t effect the way I felt to much, I just had a really snotty nose!!!
The Olympic Trials started on the Saturday 3rd of March so we headed down to London the day before. The Olympic site is situated next to a brand new Westfield shopping centre. I was only able to go into the pool but the rest of the Olympic site looked amazing. The pool is right next to the huge athletics stadium which also holds the opening and closing ceremony. The Olympic village where we will stay during the games is walking distance to the pool and also looks amazing. I loved the Olympic pool. I think it’s one of the best competition pools I have been to. When it’s fully packed with 17.500 people the place is going to be buzzing.
Before any completion I usually prepare in the same way. I had dinner out with friends and then spent the rest of the evening chilling watching tv. I raced on the 4/5th of march so day 2 and 3 of the competition. I kept my heat swim really relaxed as my aim was to just easily make it through to the semi final. In the semi final I gave a bit more effort, I knew that I could make the final without having to give it everything I had as I wanted to make sure I wasn’t tired for the final the next day. I did get a little worried when I was touched out in the semis by a girl 5 years younger than myself!

Making the Olympic games has been the most important thing to me over the last few years and I wanted more than anything to be on the team. As I stood behind the block for the final I knew that I could do it and that I could make the team. I knew that if I had a good start, stayed relaxed down the first 50 and had a fast turn then I knew I would be able to finish my second 50 strong and win. When I touched the wall and looked up at the score bored to see that I had won and got the time I was so relieved. I was also very happy. All the work I had done had paid off and I was going to my second Olympic games! I only raced the 100m at trials as the 50 breaststroke isn’t an Olympic event. After my swim I stayed for the rest of the trials and supported my team mates and watched others compete for there spot on the team. 38 swimmers made the Olympic team that week.



I have now enjoyed a week at home relaxing with my parents. After a competition like that it’s good to have some down time and relax. I started back training this week in Loughborough. We have a camp at the Olympic pool on the 1st of April till the 7th. I then return to Australia on the 7th. The next couple of weeks I will be getting my fitness back up. I will be swimming and doing lots of land work like running/biking/cicrcuits. When I return to Australia I will start my specific breaststroke work. These next few months I will be doing lots of work on my starts and turns and really try and get them better for the Olympics. It’s going to be an exciting few months heading into London! ImageImage


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