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New Year, Wild Koala’s, Victoria Championships and Australia Day – Exciting start to the year !

February 9, 2012

This month has been a very busy one, The month flew by and I can’t believe we are already in February!

My family, My mum, dad, brother and his girlfriend arrived on the 30th December just before the New Year. We also had my dads cousin who live in Perth come over for the New Year celebrations too. We brought in the New Year by having an Italian meal down Lygon Street, this is the street that makes me feel like I am in Italy. We then brought in the New Year by watching the fireworks over Melbourne. It was an amazing night and a great way to bring in 2012!

Whilst my family were here we did a lot of sight seeing. Kevin my boyfriend and me turned into tour guides for a couple of weeks!

One weekend we spent it on the Great Ocean road. Basically it’s a long road which runs along the coast of Victoria. It’s absolutely stunning to drive along with amazing views of the ocean.

Whilst we were driving along the great ocean road we were very lucky to see wild koala bears. Its not very common to see them in the wild anymore so it was incredible to the see them in there natural habitat! We got so close to one of them that you could touch it if you wanted to!

I had to make sure that whilst I had my family here I still made all of my training sessions. Even though some days I didn’t get the rest I needed I still gave 100% in all my sessions. As you all know this year is the BIG year for me.

Training is going really well. We have started our next phase of training now. We have done all the specific work now and that is all in the bank. We are now training to swim fast so this means lots of speed work and training at the speed and rates that we want to race at.

I raced at the Victoria swimming State championships. I swam really well. I was really pleased with my swims, the times I did were 1.08.8 for the 100m and a 31.5 for the 50m so quick times for out of season. Looks good for when I rest and taper in a few weeks for the trials.

It was Australia Day last week. This is a bank holiday where they celebrate being Australian! Kevin my boyfriend did an Ocean swim down at the local beach. He won the open 1400m race and then he swam with some of the boys I train with Ashley Delaney, Travis Mahoney, Jeremy Saunders and Michael Klim in a celebrity relay. Michael, He is a legend in the sport. He retired back in 2007 but has come back to try and make the Olympics this year. He is an awesome guy to train with. He helps organise the event with his company MILK. It was a great day and they helped raise money for charity too. Kevin and Me made the local paper too, which was pretty cool!