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October Blog – Altitude Preparation

October 27, 2011

This Month we have been preparing for our training camp to Sierra Nevada, Spain. We
fly tonight (27th Oct).

The reason that we are going there is because it’s at altitude. It is 2320m above sea level.

To prepare ourselves for the camp we have been doing some training in an altitude
tent. We don’t swim in the tent, we do land work. This involved, biking,  running and stomping on the treadmill, Burpees and weighted step-ups.

Because there is less oxygen in the tent it made it much harder to do the activities
and it was harder to breath normally. It got very hot and sweaty in there too
with 9 people!

We have also been going on a long walk/stomp on a Thursday morning. We go out of
the city to where there are lots of hills and do hill climbs at pace. One
Thursday we went to a place where there is 1000 steps and after hill climbing we had to then climb the steps! We are going to be doing lots of walking whilst we are away. We have also been doing are usual swim session as well so its been a tough week.

Yesterday we did some testing. You will see on my video blog that we did some blood
testing and breathing testing. This is so we can compare when we return from  Spain. We also did our skinfolds yesterday. This is wear they measure how much fat you have on your body. We are likely to loose weight at altitude so we are  testing before and afterwards.

Next month I will be writing from Sierra Nevada Spain so keep an eye out! Now to
carry on packing……….


September Blog a little late – Training Hard, Bike Rides and Altitude Training in the Chamber !

October 4, 2011

This month I have been getting my fitness back and getting back into shape. Also
getting back into a routine. Being an Athlete we are like creatures of habit
and we like having a routine!

The first few weeks back we did a lot of high heart rate sets in the pool and a lot
of work in the gym. This has been really good as I got my fitness back pretty
quickly. Not so great on my muscles though, I’ve had to have plenty of physio
and massage to get me through it.

Now we are heading into summer and the weather is getting better we are back
outside on our bikes once a week. We have been doing some sessions in the park
where we can do hill repetitions. Last week it was a beautiful sunny day in
Melbourne so we decided to do a bike session on beach road. It was the hardest
bike ride I have ever been on. The wind was really strong that day as well, so
one way on the ride was easy and on the way back in was horrendously hard! All
the way back to the car it was like riding up a hill. A couple of times I
nearly came off my bike because the gusts of wind were so strong. Altogether we
went 32k and its took us just under 2 hours. It was a great work out for my
legs even though it did take me 2 days to recover from it!

On the 26th October we fly to Sierra Nevada, Spain for a 3-week
altitude training camp. Next week we start our altitude training in a chamber
in the gym. Altitude training is when you train a couple of thousand metres
above sea level. There is less oxygen, which makes training harder, it also makes
normal activities such as walking up stairs more difficult. I have never done
it before but lots of Athletes do it, also lots of athletes from different
sports. I am looking forward to the experience.