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What does Worlds, Koala’s, Holidays and Olympic Rings have in common ?

September 5, 2011

August has been a busy and exciting month.

I returned to Melbourne from the World Championships in Shanghai on the 1st.
I really enjoyed myself in Shanghai. I had another great experience and another
world championships to add to my list of achievements. I learnt a lot from my
experiences there and I know the things that I need to improve on heading into
my preparation for next years Olympics.




I always take a break after a major championships before the work starts again
for the next one! Myself and my boyfriend Kevin went up to Cairns and Port
Douglas. This is north of Melbourne. The reason we choose to go there is
because its guaranteed sunshine and its where the Great Barrier Reef is.

We spent a week up there. It has some amazing rain forests so we did the usual
tourist things and saw all the sights.

The one thing I have really wanted to do since we have been in Australia is to hold
a Koala bear. They do have them in the wild over here but I haven’t been lucky
enough to see one yet. You usually find them sleeping up in eucalyptus trees.
We went to a zoo where I was able to hold one and it was amazing! I gave her a
big cuddle and she was so soft! They are definitely one of my favourite
animals! So cute!





We took a boat trip one day out to the Great Barrier Reef. The Great Barrier Reef
is one of the seven wonders of the natural world.  The reef is made up of thousands of different
coral islands. There is thousands of marine life that live at the reefs. We saw
lots of colourful fish, small and huge fish! My favourite being the clown fish
(nemo fish) We were really lucky to also see a reef shark, these are tiny and
harmless. We were also really lucky to see a turtle. Usually the turtles are
scared of people so we swam away from the crowds and were luckily to come face
to face with one, it was amazing!






Its whale season at the moment up there to so we were really lucky to see whales
with there young. It’s awesome to see wildlife in its natural habitat.

The rest of the holiday we just spent relaxing on the beach. Port Douglas has some
of the most beautiful beaches in Australia.




I had another week off when we returned back to Melbourne so I finally got my
Olympic rings tattoo done. It’s only taken me 3 years to pluck up the courage
to get it done. A lot of swimmers who make an Olympics get the five rings as a





I started back training last week after my 3 weeks off. It’s been pretty tough
but its good to be back in. Training now is all about next year and the Olympic
games. It’s going to be a challenging but really exciting year!