All the way from Shanghai !

I am writing this month’s blog from Shanghai in China. On Sunday the World Swimming Championships get underway! I left Melbourne on the 12th July to head to Japan for the British swimming holding camp. A holding camp is where the team get together and train together for a week or so before heading to where the competition is held. It’s a great chance for the team to get together and bond! We were in Osaka in Japan, miles away from where the earthquake and tsunami hit at the beginning of the year. We were only there for 7 days so we didn’t get to see much. I spent most of the time at the pool or relaxing back at the hotel. When we get ready to race we go on a taper. A taper is when you cut down the amount of swimming and gym you do and concentrate on a lot of speed work. We also spend a lot of time relaxing and sleeping. Being a sprinter I also like to get lots of massage during this time, it relaxes the muscles. I did go to Osaka aquarium on one of my afternoons off. It has one of the biggest tanks in the world. It was pretty cool. We saw lots of cool things. My personal favourite were the fury seals! I also really liked the stingrays and they had the hugest Manta ray I have ever seen! I am rooming with Stephanie Proud whilst I am away. I have known Steph since we were junior swimmers years ago, and we are really good friends. Steph trains out in America now in Florida. Steph is racing in the 200m Backstroke and the 400m IM. We are now in Shanghai and everyone is getting excited about the competition starting on Sunday. I went down to the competition pool this morning. They have put a 10 lane 50m pool in a handball/basketball stadium. It looks amazing! Hopefully the stands will get full and the atmosphere will be awesome! I’m still unsure what I will be competing in. I am definitely doing the 50m breaststroke but that isn’t till the Saturday and Sunday. I am also meant to be doing a time trial in the 100m BR, which will hopefully be quick enough to get me a spot in the medley relay team which is also on Saturday. I think you can watch the swimming on the BBC red button. Make sure you watch as I think there will be some really fast swimming. Its always quick a year out from an Olympic games! – check out the red button !


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