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Kate Haywood – Olympics, World Trials and Training

June 23, 2011


This month didn’t start off so well. Firstly I found out that my family had got no Olympic tickets in the ticket ballet which was really disappointing. This really upset me and I felt like it put a downer on the Olympics. I then learnt that lots of my friends and other swimmers families had also missed out on getting tickets. We were then told that all the swimming tickets had been sold out and that there would be no chance of getting hold of them!

To me the Olympic games is the most important thing in my career. Every athlete wants to be at an Olympic games and that’s why we spend hours and hours training so we can really live that dream. I swam in the 2008 Olympic games and it was one of the best experiences of my life. The London Olympics is going to be fantastic. As an athlete having the Olympics in your own country makes it that bit more special, as an athlete you will never experience anything more special. So having your family and friends in the stands supporting is really important.

Luckily last week we found out that British swimming had been working with the British Olympic association to get tickets for parents of the swimmers who will be competing and luckily we will now get two tickets for each swim. Obviously this is great because my mum and dad will be able to be there watching. They have been involved in my swimming for years! I remember the days that my mum and dad would get up at 4.30am and drive me to training. They have put so much time and money into my swimming so I am glad that they will be able to be there.

I’m still slightly disappointed that my other family members and close friends didn’t get tickets. I’m especially upset that my boyfriend Kevin didn’t get tickets. He has given up a lot and has moved with me to Australia so that I can live my dream. I really hope that there will be some way of getting him in to the aquatic centre so he can see me swim.

The trials aren’t till March next year and then the games start in July so still plenty of time!

At the weekend I found out that I have been selected to swim at the World championships in Shanghai, which is next month starting on the 24th July. I will be competing in the 50m Breaststroke and hopefully the 4x100m medley relay team. I’m really excited and it’s great to be able to add another worlds to my swimming achievements!

Training has been going really well. I have been working really hard on my new technique. My coach has been making my stroke more efficient and this should hopefully make me swim faster! We have different training phases and are now just going into the ‘train to race’ phase. This means that I am now working on my speed! I have done all the technique work, now its time to pick up my stroke rate and get some speed. Hopefully by worlds I’ll be swimming fast! The last 6 months have been a big change to my swimming training. I am learning and trying lots of new things. I still have a lot to learn leading into next years Olympics but I am now starting to feel some of the benefits of my new training.