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Lucas keeps running (and now swimming!)

May 4, 2011

The team at Splish Splosh is always working to ensure all our students have confidence in the water, but it is not just children that need encouragement and guidance. We received a call from an extremely active fundraiser who was keen to conquer his fears and enter the water. With a little help from us he is now taking on one of his biggest challenges!

We caught up with Lucas Meagor and asked him to provide us with a few answers to post here on our blog in order to give Splish Splosh parents and students the opportunity to find out more about what keeps Lucas running:

1. It is nearly a decade since you began your marathon of marathons, but what was the reasoning behind your fund raising activities?

I first fund raised for London 2001 as I signed up to a charity and had always said if I were going to run a marathon I’d seek sponsorship.  I now have an expectation from friends I’ll run marathons and support charities, and this helps motivate me to keep going.  The first charity I chose to sponsor was Christian Aid, as their CEO, Daleep Mukarji, inspired me when he spoke at an event in 2000.

2. The charity you are raising money for this year is The Cystic Fibrosis Trust, how do you decide which charity receives your support?

For this year’s plans I placed a vote on my website ( of seven charities I had either support in the past or had considered/been asked to support.  It was down to those who voted as to whom they wanted to see me raise funds for.  Over 4,000 votes were cast and CFT won by a huge margin with over 50% of the total votes.

3. This year you are moving (some) of your attention away from land and into the water, with a mile swim in Lake Windermere. What made you take up this new challenge?

I know I can run, and I know I can run the marathon distance.  I have never been a strong swimmer and wanted to ensure something in my year would be a physical and mental challenge that I would have to break my own boundaries.  I lack confidence, and at the start of the fundraising year could still swim no further than 50 metres without need for a stop – I had never gone further than 500 metres in any swim session!

4. You will soon be receiving complimentary swimming lessons from Splish Splosh; as swimming is already an integral part to your fitness, what do you hope to achieve from working with Splish Splosh?

My swimming has continually been poor and adhoc.  The support and training from Splish Splosh will be integral in building up my confidence and ability to succeed in my ability to swim.  Working with Splish Splosh will enable me to show you can overcome fears and challenges while maintaining your fitness and health and also helping support others.

5. How important do you feel learning to swim is?

Very important and from the younger the better.  I lack confidence swimming because I have not grown up a strong swimmer.  Swimming is an easy way to keep fit and relax as well as helps give you confidence.

6. Do you think the number of aquatic charitable activities may increase after the event at Lake Windermere?

I would like to do a triathlon and if I enjoy Windermere may try another lengthy swim some time.  I once said I’d never do a 2nd marathon yet now find myself 21 marathons on in this 10th year of them still relishing more, so I suspect the water challenges will continue!

7. How can Splish Splosh students and parents track your performance and support you in your mission?

I have a website covering my events – and sponsorship can be donated via or by emailing me via my website for other ways to donate.