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Kate’s April update

April 27, 2011

This month started off with celebrating my 24th birthday on the 1 April. I got a new bike from my boyfriend, which is awesome – I am now able to bike all over Melbourne! I also got treated to a lovely birthday lunch with friends.

I travelled to Sydney on the 6 April to compete at the Australian world trials. The trials were held at the 2000 Olympic games pool. I just went to race the 50m breaststroke, as I wasn’t allowed to swim the 100m. As I am English I am not allowed to swim the events that they select for worlds. Unfortunately I was still feeling under the weather, with a cold and as a result wasn’t feeling my best although I still raced and swam ok, coming 5th overall and .6 of a second off my personal best time.

My boyfriend joined me in Sydney after the racing had finished and we went sight seeing. I have only ever been to Sydney to race, so it was awesome to go and see the sights. Sydney’s harbour, with the famous Harbour Bridge and the iconic opera house, is stunning!

We went to visit two beautiful beaches: Bondi beach and Manly beach. Bondi beach is famous for its surfing, unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to try it out!

We went to the botanical gardens in the centre of Sydney, and saw lots of really scary looking spiders that I didn’t like! There were also fruit bats; I think I have mentioned this in my blog before about the bats that fly over at dusk everyday here in Melbourne. We were able to see the bats up close; I can see why they are called the flying foxes, as their heads are brown and fury just like a fox!

On the Sunday afternoon we watched a triathlon which was down at the opera house and in the city. Some of Team GB’s best Triathletes were racing, so we supported them. They all did really well. Triathlon looks so hard, Swim, bike then run. Think I’ll stick to just the swim!

Just before I go, let me wish you all a Happy Easter. I hope you all have a great one and the Easter bunny brings you lots of chocolate eggs! I will be missing the English chocolate this Easter!