Kate Haywood returns to the UK (but not for long!)

I returned to the UK at the end of Feb. I had that long 24-hour trip back to the UK on my own, which was quite scary! I’m not a massive fan of flying, so I was a bit worried about going all that way on my own.  When I landed in the UK I had my brother and my dad waiting to pick me up. I spent the evening with my family catching up, as I hadn’t seen them since the beginning of December.

The next day I travelled up to Loughborough to start my preparation for the 2011 British World Championship trials, I had just less than a week before I competed. I was feeling slightly jet lagged and a little bit under the weather.

Unfortunately within a couple of days of being back I ended up with a cold and conjunctivitis! I knew that this was the last thing I needed before I had to compete in a few days time.

The trials were up in Manchester this year at the Commonwealth Games 2002 pool – I was only 15 when I competed there at my first Commonwealth Games!

My first race was on the Sunday morning. I was just getting over my cold and feeling ok. I raced the heat of the 100m breaststroke well and qualified first through to the semi finals that evening. In the evening the semi also went well qualifying me first through to the final the next night.

After my semi I didn’t feel to well again. I couldn’t eat my dinner, which for me is very odd! I always eat my dinner! I had a good nights sleep and in the morning headed down to the pool to loosen off. My body felt pretty tired and ached but I just tried to ignore that and carry on concentrating on the final, which I had that evening. Unfortunately things didn’t go to well that evening and I didn’t make the qualifying for the Swimming World Championships! I was very upset, as I know that I am capable of going so much better than I did.

Moving to Australia was to help me improve my swimming for Olympics 2012. I have turned my whole life upside down. I am learning and doing lots of new things in my training. All of this with the combination of being ill is probably why things didn’t work out at the trials. For me next year is the most important thing right now. Not making Swimming World Championships means that I can get an early start on my preparations for next year, and be better than I have ever been. Onwards and upwards is my motto!

I got to spend a week with my family before flying back to Australia. It was great to see everyone and spend some time with them. One of my brothers took the week off work so we got to hang out.  My mum also treated me to a new hairstyle for my birthday, which is actually next week (April fools day!!!).

I also attended a Splish Splosh Swimming School’s swim clinic at The Mount School in York. It was great to see all the Splish Splosh team, and the swim school went great. I did a great questions and answers session with the Splish Splosh students and their parents. I told them all about my swimming career and hopefully inspired them with my achievements. I then showed them my breaststroke swimming in the pool before they all jumped in to swim with me! I did a few races with them and gave them some of my swimming top tips!

I am now back in Melbourne and back training. My training group are preparing for their world trials that start next week. I will be joining them in Sydney at the end of the meet to race the 50m breaststroke, which I am really looking forward to. Going to do some sight seeing whist I’m there too!

Keep updated with Splish Splosh Swimming School on twitter @SplishSpolshSS and via their website http://www.splishsploshswimmingschool.net

Remember you can follow me on twitter @katehaywood and my website www.katehaywood.com


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