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Kate Haywood and Andy Murray!

February 24, 2011

This month I have been really busy doing my swim teaching. I have to complete 20 hours as part of my course which has been really good fun. I have had the opportunity to work with children as young as two all the way up to fifteen!

I really enjoy working with the younger ones and helping them learn the first stages of how to swim. It’s great to see how much they enjoy it and how keen they are to learn, it’s really rewarding for me too! I spent all weekend doing the course, so that involved learning all the techniques and survival skills. Even though I have been swimming for years there was still lots of new things for me to learn! I just need to complete my hours, do my online test and take a 30mins lesson and then hopefully I will pass and become a swim teacher!

I have also been working really hard in the pool getting ready for the World Championship trials.

On Saturday I will be doing the long trip back to the UK! A nice long 24-hour flight to look forward to! I will be returning to my home club, Loughborough University, where I will join my old training group to start my preparation for the trials! I am looking forward to catching up with all my swimming friends! The trials this year are in Manchester at the Aquatic Centre, where they held the 2002 Commonwealth Games! They start on the March 5 and I will be racing the 6/7 March in the 100m BR. You can still get tickets to come and support at

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to race at the NSW (Sydney) swimming championships. I will be going up to Sydney in April instead to race the 50m BR at there World trials which is in the Sydney 2000 Olympic pool, so I am really looking forward to that! I have not seen much of Sydney so it will also be a great opportunity to explore the city.

I was really lucky to be able to attend the Australian Open Tennis Tournament at the Rod Lavor Arena, an event I have competed at in 2007 but has the ability to be transformed to host a major tennis tournament. An old friend who I use to compete against (Mirna Jukic) has a boyfriend that is an Austrian tennis player (Jurgen Melzer) who played Britain’s Andy Murray! I went to support three of his games during the tournament. Unfortunately he got knocked out in the 4th round against Andy, who up until that point I had never seen playing tennis. He was awesome that day and was fantastic to watch.

I am looking forward to coming back to the UK and seeing my family and friends. I am only back for a two weeks so it’s a short visit. I am also looking forward to visiting York for one of the Splish Splosh Swimming School’s swim clinics on March 12! I hope to see lots of you there and I hope you all have some really good questions for me!

Hopefully I will see some of you up in Manchester supporting me in my quest to make the World Championships.

See you all soon,



New year, new focus (from Kate Haywood)

February 1, 2011

Firstly Happy New Year to everybody! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. I have to admit that it didn’t feel like Christmas over here in Australia but I still had a great time. We spent Christmas with the Gandy family, which was really nice. We went for a walk on St Kilda beach with Kingston the dog on Christmas morning and in the afternoon we had a turkey dinner with all the trimmings, then spent the rest of the day eating cheese and biscuits (and chocolate!). I think we then spent the next two days after Christmas just eating!

On New Year’s Eve we spent the day sun bathing on Brighton beach, it was a scorching 40 degrees! In the evening we celebrated the New Year by going into Melbourne city centre to watch the fireworks, which were amazing. Thousands of people turned up to watch, and the fireworks were set of from all the tall buildings in the city.

Training has been going well so far this year; I am now training with Leisel Jones and Sarah Katsoulis. I race against them both in major competitions so I know them pretty well already.

I have been working really hard on some of the new techniques that Rohan (my new coach) has given me. I am really weak on my arm pull, because my elbows drop on my pull through and this causes a lot of resistance – not good!

I am also working on my head position, I need to drop it more as it’s causing resistance against the water. It’s interesting to see how Leisel and Sarah train, I am so far behind them on some things, but they have been doing them for years, I am sure I will catch them up though. It shows me what I really need to improve on and how I can swim quicker in the future.

I’ve still been doing my bike sessions. We did a ride around where my coach lives last week. He lives in a nature park. Beautiful place, full of wildlife. Unfortunately the day I went the Koala Bears and the Kangaroos were in hiding! I’m gutted that I have been in Australia for 5 weeks and I haven’t seen a Koala or Kanagroo! Hopefully they’ll be out this week.

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