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The new face of Splish Splosh Swimming School

November 30, 2010

Here at Splish Splosh HQ it’s safe to say that we are more than just a little excited.

Following some frenzied tweeting activity our social media savvy MD, Vicky Pettitt, secured the assistance of the Olympic champion, Kate Haywood.

As some of you may be aware Splish Splosh Swimming School is about to begin an exciting journey with a rather special individual (not forgetting recent Commonwealth champion!).

We have already ventured to numerous locations where we hold swimming lessons, including DW Sports Fitness clubs in Telford and Cambridge, and held swim clinics with the record holder.

If you check out our Facebook page you can see what a success there were and how much fun all our students had with our new ambassador: in the water, receiving signed autographs and even getting to wear her medals!

Kate is about to head off to Australia in preparation for the Olympics in 2012 and kindly agreed to not only be the ambassador for Splish Splosh, but also keep us up-to-date with her progress via a video diary.

Accompanying the diary will also be a written blog and lots of lovely photos as she works hard to ensure that she repeats her winning performance at the recent Commonwealth Games in the 2012 Olympic Games in London (in Delhi she scooped two bronze and a silver medal!).

So watch out for the first installment of Kate’s journey to Australia on our website through her video update. She will be making an appearance once a month, together with a blog like this giving encouraging advice to all the Splish Splosh students.

Kate will also be joining us on her return to the UK for more swim clinics, but we will announce further details near the time.

If you want to ask Kate a question, then feel free to email us at and we will forward it over to her – you might even get a mention!



Learning with the best!

November 8, 2010

Here at Splish Splosh we have been working hard to secure the help of a top athlete in our efforts to promote the benefits of swimming at the DW Sports Fitness sites that we now operate from.

We are proud to say that following our involvement with our PR guy, not only have we secured a top athlete but we also have two dates arranged where the recent Commonwealth champion will be part of a Q&A session and then taking to the water with three lucky Splish Splosh students!

You are probably all wondering who it is that we have managed to work with, and you need to wait no longer to find out, it is the triple Commonwealth medal winning Kate Haywood.

The Lincolnshire student has been tipped as the next Rebecca Adlington (by her close friend, Rebecca Adlington!). As she has already been touring her home county giving talks to young pupils on swimming, she was more than happy to continue her good work with Splish Splosh.

So, on November 10 at 4pm Kate and a whole host of Splish Splosh staff will be at DW Sports Fitness in Cambridge for Q&A session the foyer, where you’ll have the chance to see her Commonwealth medals and receive a signed autograph!

We will be moving our efforts to Telford on November 13 at 10am where we will be entertaining a host of other new Splish Splosh students.

Check out Twitter for the latest on our involvement with Kate Haywood and expect to see a lovely selection of photos appear on Facebook following the event.

Moving on to the Commonwealth Games – just how well did it go? After all the worrying just before the start of the games our deepest fears were alleviated as our athletes found accommodation and performed amazingly.

The results in the pool were great and it was fantastic to see that India more than doubled their overall medal tally from the 2006 games in Melbourne (from 50-101!).

Here’s to London 2012!