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Another fantastic partnership!

July 23, 2010

Here at Splish Splosh HQ we have been buzzing ever since we were given the green light about the fact that our swimming school would have a base in some of the most luxurious facilities across the UK.

It was our efforts to work with DW Sports Fitness that secured us exclusivity to provide swimming lessons at the centres in a number of regions, including Cambridge, Middlesbrough and Telford.

Vicky is especially pleased as she will be heading back to the community that she once called home (and still does) with Splish Splish, as another DW site is set to offer the school a base is Trafford in Manchester.

Vicky said: “I’m thrilled to be off to Trafford with Splish Splosh. It is something that I said that I always wanted to do, and now I can. I am sure with the quality of facilities that are provided by DW Sports Fitness our service will remain as consistent as it has done.”

Not only is Splish Splosh celebrating the news, but it will also be using it to help boost its online activity:

Adrian said: “We have embraced social media and with the popularity of Facebook, for example, we would like all our members to join us. We focus on a personal approach and building a community spirit and we would like to encourage that with our Facebook site. So, as we head out across the UK tell us about your progress, we would love to hear about you or your child’s development!”

As we head out with the leaflets, fire out the press releases and of course, post the essential news on the blog, the interest is growing for people to get into the water with Splish Splosh. Be sure to watch this space for more exciting news and pictures of our involvement with DW Sports Fitness.     

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