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Meet the new faces of Splish Splosh Swimming School!

June 25, 2010

As the website nears completion, Adrian and Vicky took a few moments to inform everyone about the new faces of Splish Swimming School: Mr Splosh and Mrs Splish.

1. We are about to welcome the dynamic duo Mr Splosh and Mrs Splish into the world with the launch of your new website. Where did the inspiration come from to create the two characters?

Adrian: They originated from our own passion for swimming. As we have developed Splish Splosh it has come to our attention that people, especially children, love a familiar face.

Vicky: If you look at numerous successful businesses you can see countless faces that represent the message they are promoting. We want to show that we are a friendly school with teachers that actively participate, allowing people to feel more at ease when deciding to take up swimming.  

2. What do you hope to achieve by introducing characters to the website?

A: We hope they bring personality to the website. They will be the face of Splish Splosh and not just a corporate tool.

V: We care about our customers and hope that the two portray our teacher ethos effectively.

3. Will they be taking a more active role in the future?

A: We will definitely be using Mr Splosh and Mrs Splish to promote the company; whether it is on leaflets or getting them to turn up at locations to work with the children – we can’t wait!

V: They will also be used to offer advice and tips. We are also considering merchandise.

4. How will adults benefit from the talented duo’s presence?

A: We hope that parents will see that we are committed to promoting excellent customer service, ensuring that the needs of their child are considered at all times.

5. If Mr Splosh and Mrs Splish were living in York, where do you think they would be heading off on holiday this year?

V: If you follow us on Twitter you will have no doubt seen the link we recently placed to the largest swimming pool in the world, it’s in Chile and holds over 60 million gallons of water! Now I’m sure that if the two were to go anywhere on holiday, it would be there!

6. Do you think that the pair would be excited about the Olympics?

A: Definitely. With all the fantastic swimming talent that Britain has, it can only get better as we approach the Olympics.

V: With our competitive programme in York, at New Earswick Community Pool, we could find our own Rebecca Adlington!

7. What advice would they give to parents at this moment regarding swimming?

A: To get signed up to Splish Splosh as soon as possible. As the summer holiday approaches so do enquiries and bookings!

V: They would certainly recommend familiarising your child with the water before you go away on holiday; when else will you be able to spend so much time in the water with your child? Take the tips you learn from us and then work on them whilst on holiday then your child will have even more confidence in the water.

Thanks Adrian and Vicky, we can’t wait to see them!

If you want to join Splish Splosh on Twitter follow the link:

If you are interesting in finding out just how big the largest swimming pool in the world is, then check out this link: